Friday, October 21, 2005


Ajax News : Yahoo Readies Mail Update today published an news on topic "Yahoo Readies Mail Update". In this news story they are talking about the mail updates.

" The Sunnyvale, Calif., portal giant is weeks from the last phase of closed beta tests for a revitalized Mail offering, which leverages the Ajax style of Web development that's been so popular this year. The launch is only the latest step in a three-way fight for popularity in the Internet portal arena among Yahoo, Microsoft (Quote, Chart) and Google (Quote, Chart). "

"The new Yahoo Mail looks much like what people have come to expect from desktop e-mail clients, featuring the three-part folder, message header and preview panes. It's also a huge step up in functionality when compared to its existing Mail service and Microsoft's Hotmail, largely thanks to its incorporation of AJAX-style techniques for viewing Web pages. "

Check out the full story.

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