Friday, October 21, 2005


Learn how to use Ajax with PHP, and meet Sajax

Tyler Anderson of Stexar Corp is explaining the use of Ajax with PHP, and meet Sajax in his tutorial at IBM developer works. In this tutorial he will cover up the following:
This tutorial is for those interested in developing rich Web applications that dynamically update content using asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) with PHP, without having to refresh entire Web pages with each user click. This tutorial assumes basic PHP concepts, including the use of if and switch statements, and functions.

You will learn about Ajax, as well as issues surrounding its usage. You will also build an Ajax application in PHP that will display panels of a section of a previously written tutorial. Clicking on a panel link will reload only the content section and replace it with the content of the selected panel, saving bandwidth and time loading the page. Then you will integrate the Simple Ajax Toolkit (Sajax) into your Ajax application, which will synchronize the use of Ajax, simplifying development.

Check full tutorial   here.

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