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Book Review : Foundations of Ajax

Apress launched the first book on AJAX by Ryan Asleson and Nathaniel Schutta with name Foundations of Ajax. I got a chance to go through the book just after launch and have explored the book.

Here are my chapter wise review comments about this book. >>

Chapter 1 : It is dedicated to the breif introduction of the Web Applications history with concentration to the growth of Ajax. Ajax power have been shown with good live examples.

Chapter 2 : This chapter is completly dedicated to the heart of Ajax i.e. XMLHttpRequest object, with out which we can not think of AJAX. Authors have given complete picture of the XMLHttpRequest with good examples and diagrams.

Chapter 3 : This chapter describe the way the XMLHttpRequest communicate with server. With good examples provided in book you can see that how it is sending the request to server and processing the response. Its good for those who want to learn about how XMLHttpRequest behaves.

Chapter 4 : You can term this chapter as heart of the book, It provides information on the actual implementation of AJAX, with the good examples and live websites like Google Suggest, NetFlix, etc. This chapter have lot other good examples given like How to do the validations, AutoRefreshing, Dynamic updation of webpage, AutoComplete etc.

Chapter 5 : This chapter is dedicated to various tools which inturn help in developing the good web application using the Ajax. This chapter gives breif introduction of the tools available. The chapter can be viewed at the Apress website as they made is available for free as sample chapter of book.

Chapter 6 : Ajax is using JavaScript in powerfull way. This chapter is basically devoted to JSUNIT a Java Script testing tool. With good examples this tells you how to use the tool to get the better java script to use with the AJAX.

Chapter 7 : This chapter is dedicated to debugging of the Java Script. It explains how you can use the debugging tools for Java Script. The tools this chapter explored are Microsoft Script Debugger, Venkman etc. Its very good chapter to learn more about debugging techniques with good examples.

Chapter 8 : "Putting it all together" as the name state, it contains information on how you have to proceed to make a better application using Ajax. This chapter also explores the use of
frameworks such as Taconite that can greatly simplify Ajax development work. Overall this is good chapter explaining the way we can implement the AJAX.

The Appendix are devoted to the various frameworks currently available on server side as well as client side. The list is excellent and provide you good idea on the frameworks available, so that you can explore the better one which suits your application.

The Publisher have also made available the source code on their website. It can be seen here.

Summary : Overall I can say that its good book to start learning the AJAX and will give initial input required to develop the application using Ajax. I love the chapters 4 and 8 too much as they provide you the actual stuff on Ajax.

Find out more about this book here.


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