Monday, October 24, 2005


Book Review: Ajax in Action

Ajax In Action
Ajax is a collection of technologies and lot of developments are happening day by day on this front. Writing a complete book covering all aspect on Ajax is very difficult task, But I am really impressed with the work done by Crane and Eric. This book concentrates on both the beginner and expert users.

Part I and II of the book defines the evolution of Ajax, need of Ajax in current scenario and the core techniques used. This part is helpful for the beginner lever user: Who don't even know what the Ajax is ? And What are the benefits to the user if I implement Ajax ?

Part III of the book deals with the three important factors which a developer is more concerned while designing the web application. They are Security, performance and user experience. This part of the book provides good information about these topics and try to cover most of the things which will come in mind of developer while designing the application.

Part IV of the book is completely dedicated on the Ajax by Examples. This part will be of great help to the advanced users. In this part the explanation of the Ajax concepts is provided with the crystal clear examples.

This book have a appendix which lists the available frameworks on Ajax as of today, but I think that Ajax Frameworks should be discussed in much more detail. Also I think it will be good if the author have put a seperate Chapter or Appendix on the implementation of xmlHTTPRequest etc.

In nutshell, I can say that Ajax in Action is another jewel in the "In Action" series of books.

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