Friday, October 07, 2005


List of Ajax Books

Ajax is moving very fast in web applications world and now its time for authors to explore the Ajax world by their way and publish it. Ajax turns static web pages into interactive applications.

The books available on Ajax are (Some books are available on preorder) >>

1. Ajax in Action - Dave Crane & Eric Pascarello with Darren James

2. Foundations of Ajax - Ryan Asleson & Nathaniel T. Schutta

3. Professional Ajax - Nicholas C. Zakas, Jeremy McPeak & Joe Fawcett

4. Pragmatic Ajax (Beta) -Justin Gehtland, Ben Galbraith & Dion Almaer

5. Ajax Patterns and Best Practices - Christian Gross

6. Agile Web Development with Rails - Dave Thomas

As the time will pass, more and more books and reference material will be available to developers. Hold your breath and explore the web applications world with Ajax.

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